VIPKid Review: The Experience Teaching at VIPKID

In our VIPKid Review you'll get the bottom line and can figure out if this teaching opportunity is for you or if it's just a scam.

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Looking for a flexible online teaching opportunity? What if I said you could wear yoga pants while doing it?

If so, then a teaching job at VIPKid can help you expand your earnings with its virtual education platform that offers great flexibility and the ability to work from home.

VIPKid is seeking passionate educators to teach English online to over 300,000 students in China, with the flexibility to teach from anywhere and earn competitive pay of $14 to $22 per hour.

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If you are looking for a job that allows you to:

  • A job that allows you to work from the comfort of your home
  • A straight forward gig that provides low-stress but competitive earning rates ($14 to $22 per hour)
  • A flexible way to earn money whenever it is convenient for you
  • A remote job that provides steady income allowing you to travel

Click here to apply and start teaching English from home

What exactly is VIPKid?

VIPKid is an online ESL teaching platform for children who are between the ages of four and twelve.

VIPKid connects children in China with the world’s best teachers for real-time one-to-one online English immersion learning. Simply said, they allow teachers to change kids’ lives without uprooting their own.

A global education company, their mission is to inspire and empower every child for the future. Founded in 2013 and formally launched in 2014 after a year of piloting and curriculum development, they have become China’s market-leading education startup, with offices in both China and the US.

The company has become the leading global online K12 education leader and is the #1 ranked company for remote jobs by Forbes.

Other popular online teaching companies include GoGoKid and Education First (EF).

These online teaching companies have created a live, one-on-one online learning platform that matches motivated kids studying English in China with inspiring teachers.

However, VIPKid has received the most recognition and was ranked Fast Company’s top 50 most innovative companies in the world — and they work with educational partners like ETS, TESOL, and National Geographic Learning to develop the best curriculum and cutting-edge platform.

Click here to sign up to teach at VIPKID and earn $22/hour

Teaching for VIPKIDS: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Flexibility with no commute and no minimum hours The application process takes a while
Curriculum provided Long-distance scheduling
Opportunity to earn additional rewards The information provided to teachers is not standardized
An amazing community of 40,000 teachers  
Ability to participate in local events and conferences  

Overall, the pros do weigh the cons as the best part of this job is they provide the curriculum and teachers can work from wherever they want, set their own schedules, and take home competitive pay.

And I really, really love the fact that VIPKid has a highly interactive platform which means:

1) You can more easily engage their students (awesome)
2) You have convenient access to our pre-made lesson plans (double awesome).

Did I mention they offer flexibility? That means you can work every day, only Tuesdays mornings, every other Friday, or whatever works for you. You can expect to earn $14 to $22 per hour plus the opportunity to earn more through bonuses and referrals.

How can I apply for VIPKid

Applying to become a VIPKid teacher is pretty lengthy compared to other weekend jobs you can get as a freelancer. Apply directly at by clicking here (If not in the US, you can apply at

The company is very mindful of keeping it’s reputation for the being the best online ESL teaching company so the quality of applications is thoroughly reviewed.

For frequently asked questions, click here or contact them [email protected] for further inquiries.

VIPKid’s philosophy (and philanthropy)

One of VIPKid’s core beliefs is that they believe that every teacher, student, and employee who works with VIPKid has a need to learn (and keep learning). And since there’s no –one-size-fits-all for education, they are constantly exploring ways to spark curiosity and create more opportunities to grow.

As such, they base their curriculum on a progressive pedagogy but also put their ideals into action. In addition to their 300,000 paying students, they support 300 low-income rural schools in China through our Rural Education Project. This program provides free English classes to students, helping improve even more lives.


• Teaching experience of any kind including tutoring, coaching or mentoring (1 year)
• A Bachelor’s degree or higher
• Eligibility to work in the U.S. or Canada
• A computer and headset
• A high-speed Internet connection
• Comfy clothes. (OK, the comfy clothes are optional)

Education requirements

You need a bachelors degree.

VIPKID is very strict on applicants’ education level and requires applicants to have at least a Bachelor’s degree. They require this because their customers care about our teachers’ education level. They look for VIPKID because they trust we have teachers that meet their criteria. VIPKID cannot offer one thing to customers and make exceptions to applicants who do not have a Bachelor’s degree. Unfortunately, we cannot accept applicants without a college degree.

Basic teaching requirements

I assumed originally assumed VIPKID was only for teachers. But they use the term “experience teaching children”  very loosely.

So if you’ve taught kids at your local YMCA? That works. Raise your own kids, That works. Taught at your local bible school? That works.

Location requirements

You can work with VIPKID from anywhere as long as you have a stable internet connection.

Technical requirements

Well, for starters you must have device such as a laptop, desktop or macbook. You also much have a headset to be able to teach. Lastly, you must own a HD external camera or HD integrated camera (most laptops have this).

Computer minimum tech requirement: Operating System Windows7, Windows8, Windows10, MAC OS 10.8x

Network minimum requirement: Wired DSL Internet Connection – at least 20 Mbps

Meet those requirements? What’s next?

Applicants pass through five stages before becoming VIPKID teachers

1. Submission of Resume: Send them your resume, so they can screen for basic requirements and teaching experience per requirements above.

2. 1-1 Interview or Recorded Interview: Join them for a 30-min session where you showcase your teaching skills to a VIPKID recruiter OR Record your demo lesson at your own time so that a VIPKID recruiter can evaluate you.

3. Introduction to Teaching: Watch videos to learn about the VIPKID technology, standards and curriculum.

4. Mock class: Practice teaching a full-length class with one of their VIPKID teachers.

5. Sign your contract, Upload docs & Complete Background Check: The information you provide will help us comply with our online safety and security standards and create a profile that allows VIPKID students and parents to know you and book you.

6. Full-Fledged VIPKID Teacher: Put your timeslots on your portal so that VIPKID students can start booking you. Get ready to teach!

All good? That’s it. Now is it worth it? You can start the VIPKid process here.

Is VIPKid worth it

You know all the facts about the company now and if you’re still interested you should know if it’s actually worth your time. Here are some reviews from actual people who went through the process:

Personally, I love VIPKID, and have been teaching with them since August, 6 classes a day, every day. Since I’ve been with them I have enjoyed the experience and feel like they take care of me. My students vary, but I have mostly regulars now, and your quality as a teacher will directly affect how well you can interact with each child. Every class is scripted, yes, but it is my discretion as to how to gain, keep, and use each child’s motivation to learn.

However, I also have the distinct benefit of being a teacher before VIPKID. I am also male. I have no delusions that being a male teacher has given me a different experience than female teachers with VIPKID. As you mentioned, there are many female teachers, qualified more than I am, who are still struggling to get consistent bookings, even months after their contract acceptance. :/ I do think it is a wonderful company, and I love my students and the experience, but I also feel that they are putting way too much of an emphasis on hiring new teachers when so many still struggle to find work.

How much can I make with VIPKid

As an independent contractor, your payment or “service fee” is calculated on a per-class basis (scheduled in 30-minute slots) and is composed of a minimum pay between $7-9 + incentives.

Your minimum pay will be determined by your demo class performance, while incentives by your monthly class participation and completion as a VIPKID teacher.

VIPKid Review summary

VIPKid is a legitimate company no doubt about it. The company means business and they are serious about having really high standards in the hiring process.

I don’t know how people think it’s a scam, it’s just a job. Once you become a VIPKID teacher you shouldn’t have an issue getting bookings either. As far as acting vs teaching, it can feel that way with the younger kids as you’re reading a script. There’s no reason to think that you can’t apply your actual teaching skills if you’ve got them!

If you’re actually a good teacher and not just playing the part then you won’t have any trouble getting lots of bookings and repeat students.

Good luck becoming a VIPKid teacher!

You can sign up for VIPKID here and get started with the application process.

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