The Guide to Making Money on YouTube

Wondering how to make money on YouTube? Learn about how much famous YouTubers make and how much does YouTube pay per view.

Have you ever wondered just how much do YouTubers really make and how much does YouTube pay?

how much does youtube pay per view

Launched in 2005, YouTube has since become a valuable platform for businesses when it comes to product promotions and gaining brand exposure. In addition, it has become a lucrative launching platform for the next generation of internet stars who want to earn online fame and make a living out of sponsored videos and paid advertising.

If you’re thinking about becoming a YouTuber yourself and become one of today’s popular digital influencers read on to find out the earning potential of a YouTuber and decide for your self whether or not YouTube is worth it.

How Much Does YouTube Pay?

YouTube's payment structure varies widely and depends on several factors. Generally, YouTube pays creators through the Google AdSense program, which monetizes videos with ads. Creators earn money based on the number of views and the engagement their videos receive.

On average, YouTube pays between $0.01 and $0.03 per ad view. This translates to about $3 to $5 per 1,000 video views. However, these rates can fluctuate based on factors such as the video's niche, the viewer's location, and the advertiser's budget.

In addition to ad revenue, YouTubers can earn money through channel memberships, Super Chats during live streams, and merchandise shelf integrations. Sponsorships and affiliate marketing also provide significant income opportunities for popular creators.

To maximize earnings, it's crucial for YouTubers to build a substantial and engaged audience, regularly produce high-quality content, and explore multiple monetization methods beyond just ad revenue. While some creators might earn a modest income, top YouTubers can make substantial amounts, sometimes reaching six or seven figures annually.

Overall, how much you’ll actually earn will depend on various factors including the location and demographics of your traffic source, niche of your video, type of ads displayed on your video, audience retention or whether or not the viewers have watched your videos till the end and the number of your channel subscribers among others.

Furthermore, aside from AdSense, other potential ways to earn from YouTube include affiliate marketing and sponsored videos and more.

Different Ways to Make Money on YouTube

The money you make on YouTube has more to do with what advertisers pay for than how many views you get. So if you are targeting high-value keywords, then you stand to make money.

There are other ways you can earn money from your YouTube channel. But first you must be approved for the YouTube Partner Program (and are in compliance with YouTube Partner Program policies), then you can explore these monetization options. Consider which revenue streams may be best for your channel based on your content, audience, and preferences.

1. Ads

For many channels, advertising can be a significant part of revenue. Here are some things to consider if you want to maximize potential ad revenue:

  • When you’ve enabled your channel for monetization, you can earn more revenue if you monetize all future uploads and turn on all ad formats as your default. Find out how ads show on videos you monetize.
  • Your videos must comply with advertiser-friendly content guidelines. In addition, monetization status is determined by factors such as video metadata (thumbnail, title, tags, and description). Learn more.
  • Be aware that some videos may violate policies and may not be appropriate for all audiences. In some of these cases, YouTube's review team may impose an age restriction, and these videos cannot be monetized with ads. Learn more.

If you upload videos with controversial or sensitive topics, you may want to turn off ads on individual videos, allowing you to opt out of monetization for any videos that aren’t advertiser-friendly while remaining in the YouTube Partner Program. If your channel as a whole isn’t suitable for advertising, because of the nature of your content, you can disable ads and still pursue other monetization options for which you’re eligible.

2. Channel Memberships

With Channel Memberships, viewers pay a monthly recurring fee to get unique badges, new emoji, Members-only posts in the Community tab, and access to unique custom perks offered by creators. This feature is available to channels in certain locations who meet the requirements. You also may have the option of linking to approved crowdfunding sites from your video cards or end screens. Learn more.

3. Merchandise

You can also earn revenue by selling merchandise that complements your channel. You can link to approved merchandise sites to offer your fans t-shirts, mugs, or other items. (Merch needs to comply with YouTube’s Community Guidelines.) In addition, there’s a new integration with Teespring that enables eligible creators to sell merch from a shelf on their channel. Learn more.

4. Super Chat

Super Chat is a way for fans and creators to interact in live chat. Fans can purchase Super Chats to highlight their messages within chat during a live stream or Premiere. This feature is available to channels in certain locations who meet the requirements. If you’ve enabled Super Chat, you’ll receive this revenue in a similar way to the way that you receive ads revenue with AdSense. Learn more.

5. Brand deals

Working with brands can be another revenue stream and an opportunity to introduce new products and services to your audience. Brands are often eager to do deals with creators because it allows them to reach the desired audience and expand their market. (Review these guidelines on paid product placements and endorsements.) Learn more.

6. YouTube Premium

With YouTube Premium, viewers can enjoy videos on YouTube without ads while still supporting creators. It also lets viewers download videos to watch offline on mobile and play videos in the background. YouTube Premium is available as a paid membership in these locations. Revenue from YouTube Premium membership fees gets distributed to creators based on how much members watch your content.

How Much Do YouTubers Make?

As mentioned above, there are a lot of factors that will determine your potential earning power through the YouTube platform. In reality, the exact figures of your potential earnings would largely vary.

To say the least, the amount of money you get from YouTube will depend on the quality of your videos and your ability to go viral.

Top 5 YouTubers Who Revealed How Much They Earn

The Biggest YouTube Earners in 2024

Undoubtedly, YouTube offers a great platform for those who want to make money online.

Although the platform has greatly evolved over the years, still it remains one of the best marketing strategies for businesses.

In 2024, several YouTubers have distinguished themselves as the top earners on the platform, amassing substantial wealth through various forms of content creation, brand partnerships, and merchandise sales.

  1. MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson) – Renowned for his elaborate and philanthropic videos, MrBeast tops the list with earnings estimated around $82 million annually. His unique content and massive subscriber base contribute significantly to his high income.
  2. Like Nastya (Anastasia Radzinskaya) – This child star has captivated millions with her engaging content, which includes travel, toy unboxing, and fun challenges. Her annual earnings are approximately $28.1 million, making her one of the wealthiest young YouTubers​.
  3. Ryan Kaji (Ryan's World) – Known for his toy reviews and educational content, Ryan earns about $27 million annually. His channel, managed by his parents, remains a favorite among kids and families, further boosted by a successful line of merchandise​.
  4. Dude Perfect – This group of friends is famous for their trick shot videos and sports content. With earnings of around $20 million, they have also expanded into other ventures, including a mobile game and various endorsement deals​.
  5. Logan Paul – A prominent figure in the YouTube community, Logan Paul has diversified his income through vlogging, boxing, and his energy drink company, PRIME. His annual earnings range from $20 million to $38 million, making him one of the highest earners on the platform​.

Can You Get Paid to Watch YouTube Videos?

There are some legitimate websites that pay you to watch movie previews and videos. Believe it or not, some companies will actually pay you for these simple tasks that you do daily. It may not be on the YouTube platform, but you're still getting paid to watch videos. Which sites are the best to use to get paid for watching videos?

Swagbucks Video

Through Swagbucks, you can watch videos to earn points that you can redeem for cash via PayPal. The catch? The videos have ads. The videos are varied, including movie previews, entertainment, travel, and more, and you can pick what interests you. Reward sites can be hit or miss, with many feeling like scams. Don’t worry — Swagbucks is legitimate is probably the most popular site with over $150 Million paid to its members. As a new member, you can conveniently earn up to $35 per survey or video through this link.


The next thing you can do right now is sign up for InboxDollars which pays you, in cash, to watch fun videos & take surveys. This has got to be one of the fastest and most legitimate ways to earn a couple of extra bucks easily. You can actually get paid to watch movie previews, celebrity videos, news and all sorts of other videos.

How Much YouTubers Make: The Bottom Line

The bottom line is: the amount of money you get from YouTube will depend on the quality of your videos and your ability to go viral.

Overall, how much you’ll actually earn will depend on various factors including the location and demographics of your traffic source, the niche of your video, type of ads displayed on your video, audience retention or whether or not the viewers have watched your videos till the end and the number of your channel subscribers among others.

Good luck if you are interested in making money on YouTube!

If you wanted to learn more ways to make extra money online you can check out this list.

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