6 Best Web Hosting Platforms for Small Businesses

If you are looking for the best web hosting for small businesses, here are the six best web hosting platforms for you and your small business.

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A web host is a must for every website today. If you are starting your website or want to start a blog, or even if upgrading your current one, then having a web host is not a choice but a must. Free web hosting platforms may not be able to provide you the customers you need or give your website a professional look.

There are many web hosting platforms out there, and for people who have a small business, it becomes important to know which one of those websites is appropriate for them and what is the difference between all of them.

Your decision will depend on your understanding of your needs and a clear idea of which company can provide you with those. Your web host should take care of your problems and needs and grow along with your business. Here are the best web hosts that you need for your small business.

Types of Web Hosting:

To have the know-how about web host companies, you should know the difference between shared, VPS, cloud and dedicated servers.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is sharing your server with other websites. You will have limited bandwidth and storage. This hosting is for people whose business is really small, and there is not much traffic on your website.

The dedicated server only hosts a single website, but it is expensive. It is best for a large business that will need more storage because of heavy traffic.


VPS combines the features of dedicated and shared servers. It divides a single server into several virtual servers that then host the websites, but the websites are isolated from each other. It is expensive than shared hosting and cheaper than a dedicated server.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is just like VPS. Instead of one, a cloud has a network of servers host your website which allows for better speed and stronger protection against attacks.

Best Web Hosting Platforms:

If you are looking for some good web hosting companies for small businesses, here are six best platforms for you.


If you have just started a business and are looking for all the things from domain names, email addresses to online marketing tools, GoDaddy provides all of the best tools for entrepreneurs. The cost is reasonable and the package complete. It provides good customer service, scalability, flexible site building tools, and great uptime, which is necessary for building your website’s reputation. GoDaddy gives 24/7 customer care is inexpensive and easy to use. TRUST’s Gonzales uses this company for managing around 50 websites. The low costing plans start at 3$ per month while more advanced business plans are available at 20$ per month.


BlueHost provides an easy setup for your website with great customer service that is always there for its users. For a very small price, BlueHost gives unlimited website space, storage, bandwidth, and domain privacy. Most of all it is scalable, that means as your business grows, it can upgrade your services. The plans range from 4$ to 30$ a month.

Amazon AWS

Amazon AWS has a variety of services that they provide people in helping them grow their business like tutorials, templates, website software. However, you might need someone who knows the technicalities to help you figure it all out. Amazon AWS provides its tools at a variety of prices so both of these can be overwhelming. It is a great option for beginners who want something that is customized to their business and is also relatively affordable.

1&1 Hosting

1&1 Hosting is a great service for dedicated server hosting, and along with domain names and cloud servers, this platform offers Linux and Windows-based servers. This hosting company has some exceptional customer support, decent bandwidth, and disk space, and the uptime is ideal. The rates of the plans are reasonably affordable for smaller businesses. The plans are best for businesses that are fairly small because of their affordability and start from 99 cents a month.

Site Builder

Site Builder provides easy to use and drag-and-drop site-building tools and free templates. Its basic plan has a reasonable price but does not contain a priority service, for which you will have to upgrade to the higher package which is relatively expensive. Site Builder also provides a free plan for sites including ads and the advanced plans start at 4$ a month.


HostGator provides web hosting, VPS, cloud, and shared hosting, with different plans available at around 5$ per month. In this company, you can create a plan that is of your choice and caters to your needs, but for that, you will have to know the basics about what will be best for your business. Because there are different plans, the prices are also different and vary accordingly.

These companies will provide startup businesses with a good experience. Finding suitable hosting plans and the best web hosting platforms is not an easy task, therefore keep in mind your needs and the cost of packages.

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