Jobs That Pay $20 An Hour With Little Or No Experience/Degree

I found jobs that pay $20 an hour with no experience near me. Here's the full list of flexible part-time jobs that pay $20 an hour.

There are several jobs that pay 20 an hour that are available to you no matter where you live. In March 2020, the BLS released data that shows the unemployment rate increased by 0.9 percentage points to 4.4 percent. This is the largest over-the-month increase in the rate since January 1975, when the increase was also 0.9 percentage points.

There are a ton of Americans that could benefit from jobs that pay $20 per hour or more. Thankfully, there are some full-time, part-time, and even weekend jobs that require minimal or no experience that can net you $20 per hour.

I get it, with the recent economic swings — it's important to have enough money to pay rent, get the bills paid, and simply survive.

“But can I live off $20 an hour?”

If you can get close to 40 hours a week then $20 an hour is $41,600 per year. If you are lucky enough to get benefits that come with insurance, a retirement account, and find somewhere to live for under $900 a month — then it is possible.

Let me repeat, $20 an hour will be fine for someone who wants to pay the bills, save a little, and live simply but comfortably.

Here are ways to help you earn money to help you and your family.

Advantages of Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour

Can't find a full-time job? Are you an introvert that isn't the biggest fan of the office setting? Whatever it is let's get to work with jobs that pay $20 an hour. Here is why you'll benefit from these high-paying jobs.

  • You can work on your own terms (highly flexible gigs)
  • Most of these gigs don't have age restrictions
  • You can get paid $20-$40 per hour
  • You can spend more time with family and save on commuting costs
  • Less stress, freedom to work from wherever, life will be good

These are the main benefits of these part-time gigs. So are you excited to learn about your options to make $20 fast each hour? Let's get started with different jobs that pay an hourly rate of $20 with minimal or zero experience required.

Work-From-Home Jobs That Pay $20 An Hour

These work-from-home jobs can help you can make $20 an hour:

1. Online Tutoring

There are a lot of different online tutoring companies like VIPKid and GoGoKid, but Education First (EF) are some of the best.

Earn up to $20/hour (USD) to start while teaching kids online with EF Education First. Teachers with EF enjoy the ability to choose their own work-from-home schedule, ability to bring their own teaching style to our custom-designed classroom and receive local, US and UK-based support and payment.

Here is what you need to get started:

  • Bachelor's degree from US or UK University
  • Currently reside in the US or UK
  • Prior teaching experience or equivalent (ie: education assistant, tutoring, mentoring, or homeschooling)
  • High-speed internet, computer & webcam/microphone

Sound good? Teachers with EF earn up to $20 per hour.

Learn More: VIPKid Requirements to Make Money Teaching

2. Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing can also be considered as another excellent method to make on average over $20 per hour, especially if you don’t have the ownership of inventory.

With affiliate marketing, you will be marketing and selling products, which are owned by others.

For every sale that you make, you will be provided with a commission. Hence, the amount you will be able to make with affiliate marketing depends on the number of sales that you bring in.

If you are a person who has excellent marketing skills, this is a great opportunity available for you to consider. It is a proven method to make money online as well. Therefore, you can go ahead with it without keeping any doubts or second thoughts in your mind.

If you already have a blog or website (if you don't you can check our blog setup guide here) you probably have heard about affiliate marketing. You can make money by referring website your visitors and readers to buy products online and earn a small commission on each sale.

This can make you rich, as some bloggers make over $5,000 monthly just through affiliate marketing. If you wanted to take a stab at affiliate marketing for your website/blog I would recommend the Aragon Premium, Impact Radius, CJ, MaxBounty, and FlexOffers affiliate programs that I use for Hustler Gigs and it's been great so far! A perfect way to join a network that has a bunch of advertisers you can work with — no matter what niche you are in.

3. Dropshipping

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If you are not an owner of the inventory, but still want to make money online through sales, you can take a look at Dropshipping with Shopify. In Dropshipping, you will be advertising the products that you have for sale. Then consumers will be able to go ahead and purchase those products. When the sales come in, you will be asking the wholesale service providers to cater them on behalf of you. You will be ordering the inventory from the wholesale providers and you will be asking them to deliver divide and deliver to the different addresses of the consumers. Since you can get the items at wholesale price, there is a considerable profit margin as well.

Oberlo allows you to easily import products from AliExpress directly into your Shopify store and ship directly to your customers – in only a few clicks. It's very simple to open a shop on Shopify and drop ship items in order to create a business without too much risk.  You can literally start and set up a drop shipping business without any type of product in one afternoon with minimal risk as Shopify has a 14-day free trial and Oberlo is completely free.

This is the most convenient method available for the people to make money online, especially if you don’t have the ownership of inventory.

4. Amazon FBA

When you are shopping for products you want on Amazon, you might have come across the label “Fulfilment by Amazon”. This is another great and exciting method available for you to make money online in the comfort of your home. As you already know, Amazon is the biggest online retail store. Millions of people around the world prefer to purchase what they want from Amazon.

You don’t need to be the manager of inventory to go ahead and sell products on Amazon. All you have to do is to worry about the sales and Amazon will take care of inventory management. This can deliver a smooth and convenient experience to you with selling on Amazon. When you are selling your inventory on Amazon, you have to simply ship them to an Amazon warehouse. Then Amazon will take care of delivering the ordered products to the doorsteps of the customers. Amazon will take care of packaging and labeling as well.

Therefore, you just need to worry about the sales that you make. You will need to make a payment to obtain this service. But it can be considered as an excellent investment because you are providing a fabulous experience to your customers. Even the customers trust the exceptional level of service offered by Amazon.

Therefore, you will be able to go ahead and use Fulfilment by Amazon as a proven method to keep on making money online.

5. Retail Arbitrage

Retail arbitrage is another prominent online money making technique, which is based upon a simple concept. The concept is almost similar to online arbitrage. That’s because you are purchasing an item at a lower price tag and selling it at a higher price. When you are shopping for items, you will come across stores that offer amazing discounts. For example, if the price of a specific product is $100, you will be able to get them for $50 during a discounted promotion.

During the promotion period, you will be able to go ahead and purchase 100 units of the same item. Then you will be able to sell that at a higher price tag in another marketplace. You can set the price tag like $80 and sell. Then you will be receiving a profit of $30 for every item that you are selling. This will also help you to attract a lot of customers because you are still selling the price at a lower tag than the retail price.

6. Online Arbitrage

retail abritrage

Online arbitrage is based on one of the simplest concepts behind businesses, which is about purchasing at a lower price tag and selling at a higher price tag. In here, you will be purchasing products at a cheaper price from the wholesale or local websites. Then you will be selling them to the end consumers who are in need at a higher price tag. Along with the development of technology, you will be able to engage with buying and selling activities online. Therefore, you will be able to minimize the physical work that is involved with.

If you are into Online arbitrage, Fulfilment by Amazon can be considered as a good place available for you to get started with. Amazon will take care of order fulfillment to the end consumers. In other words, Amazon will take care of shipping, storage, and customer service. All you have to do is to sell the product to the end consumers at a higher price tag while keeping a profit. If you wanted to become an Amazon Associate and start making money on Amazon, you can learn more here.

7. Take Online Surveys

You can also make money online by taking online surveys for research companies. Here are the main ones to consider:

  • Obviously, I’m gonna mention Swagbucks. Swagbucks is the best and top rated money making app. There are so many ways you can earn with Swagbucks, it's unreal. Swagbucks is another great money app to earn some easy cash for just pushing a few buttons in your free time. I personally use it and usually make between $1 and $5 per survey while watching TV, and it does add up. They’ll even give you a $10 welcome bonus.
  • Survey Junkie, as the name suggests is a survey site which pays you to give your opinion. This is a free survey app for your phone that pays you to take online surveys, participate in focus groups, and try new products. And its totally free to join and they don’t charge anything to be a member (they will actually pay you in cash via PayPal). Survey Junkie pays up to $3 per survey, and many of them take less than 5 minutes to complete. It is one of the highest paying survey sites that actually work.
  • Branded Surveys asks for information about you so that they can match you with the fitting survey. At up to $3 a pop for some surveys and a free $1 just for signing up, it pays to check in daily to see which ones are available to you. Cashouts are through PayPal. One of the best survey sites to use and a great way to earn money from your phone.

Now while you won't make $20 an hour taking surveys, closer to $4 an hour, it's still nice to earn money in your spare time.

Local And Gig Economy Jobs

These are the jobs you can do to earn money in the gig economy and earn $20 an hour.

8. Deliver Food

Apps like Doordash lets you deliver food at your convenience. DoorDash is an on-demand restaurant delivery app through which users can place an order for food from their favorite restaurants, and a delivery person (A.K.A “a dasher”) hand-delivers it to their doorstep.

Don’t have a car?

No Problem! DoorDash doesn’t require you to own any type of car to make the deliveries. You are free to use bikes, scooters, motorcycles or even by foot. As long as you can commute independently and meet DoorDash driver qualifications, you can be a ‘Dasher’.

If you think this is something you can do in your free time then become a Dasher Start delivering today and make great money on your own time.

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9. Delivery Groceries

Jobs like Instacart allow you to be your own boss. But, you don't have to work as hard because the intuitive app controls everything for you, easily and step by step. You also set your own hours which means an Instacart Personal Shopper job is very flexible.

According to user-reported data on, full-service shoppers for Instacart are making between $7 and $20 per hour, with $11 per hour being the average. At present, there is no “hourly guarantee” like ridesharing and other delivery services offer.

The requirements are:

  • 18 years or older.
  • Able to work in the United States.
  • Access to a vehicle at all times.
  • Have and use a personal smartphone (an iPhone 5 or Android 4.4 and up)
  • Able to lift 30–40 pounds on average.

So if you want to apply as a shopper to deliver groceries to fellow citizens in your city — for good pay — simply take orders sent from the app, pick up the items from the store and deliver them to their homes.

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10. Deliver Amazon Packages

If you want to set your own schedule and be your own boss and make between $18 and $25 per hour — Amazon Flex is looking for people like you.

If you don't want to get tied down to a desk job from 9 to 5 — then quickly apply to become an Amazon Flex delivery driver and take in the sights of Denver today!

Drivers for Amazon Flex, deliver for, AmazonFresh, Prime Now and Amazon Restaurants — delivering dinner, groceries or gifts.

Here are the requirements:

  • 21 years or older.
  • Able to work in the United States.
  • Access to a vehicle (4-door sedan, pickup truck, or van).
  • Have and use a personal smartphone.
  • Pass a background check.
  • Valid driver's license.
  • Show proof of auto insurance.

Interested in the gig so you can start making $20 an hour?

Go to the Get Started page, select the region where you'd like to deliver, and answer a few questions. Sometimes, your region may not be listed and you'll have to join the interest list.

If your region is listed, and you meet the requirements, you'll be able to download the Amazon Flex app and complete these tasks:

  • Sign up for Amazon Flex using your existing Amazon account or by creating a new Amazon account.
  • Provide answers to questions Amazon has about your background check.
  • Select a service area where you will pick up and deliver Amazon packages.
  • Review Amazon training videos to learn the best practices for delivering packages.
  • Provide your tax and payment details.

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11. Bartender or Server

If you have people skills and if you're okay with the hospitality industry you can take a stab at bartending or serving. You're able to make $20 an hour off tips if you can provide stellar service.

If you are a bartender you can befriend guests and have regulars who will be extra generous and overtip so you can earn up to $70 an hour at times.

In general, the more upscale the restaurant you choose to work at, the more money you stand to earn.


Can I live off of a job that pays $20 an hour?

It is possible to live off of a job that pays $20 an hour, although this will depend on your location and personal circumstances. If you are able to find affordable housing and are able to live frugally, you may be able to make ends meet on this wage. However, it is worth considering the cost of living in your area and whether or not $20 an hour is sufficient to cover your expenses.

Is $20 an hour a good wage?

This is subjective and will depend on your personal circumstances and financial goals. However, $20 an hour is generally considered to be a good wage, as it is above the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. At this wage, you will earn approximately $40,000 per year before taxes, which is above the poverty line for a single individual.


These aren't your only options for finding a higher-paying job but these job ideas are a good place to start. Only you are responsible for finding a job that can help you progress through your career.

So consider the options that we have provided that really do pay $20 per hour or more and consider taking a look at more lucrative ways at jobs that pay $30 an hour.

Brian Meiggs
Brian Meiggs
Brian Meiggs is a personal finance expert, and the founder of Hustler Gigs, a personal blog helping you make extra money in the gig economy. He helps readers increase their earning potential and start building wealth for the future. He regularly writes about side hustles, gig work, and the gig economy aimed to help anyone earn more, pay off debt, and reach financial freedom. He has been quoted as a top personal finance blogger in major publications including Insider, Yahoo! Finance, NASDAQ, Discover, MSN Money and more.
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