23 Best Digital Side Hustles to Make an Extra $1,000 a Month

A good digital side hustle is about building a business for yourself. And today, the best side hustle ideas are those that have the potential to earn you $1,000 a month.

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There are several digital side hustles that can earn you some money for just a few hours per week. Some of these ways to make money in your spare time sound seemingly too good to be true. But the great thing is that they are all real… and even better than you can imagine. Let's take a look at some of the best ways to make money with your laptop or smartphone with digital side hustles.

What is a Digital Side Hustle

A side hustle is a little business, activity or service you create to bring some money on the side.

It can be a passion that makes money, a hobby turned into a job, or just a bunch of skills that lend themselves well to being monetized.

The best part about digital side hustles is that they usually take less than 5 hours a week to work towards… and there's no need to create products, go door-to-door or even pay for advertisement.

All you need is a laptop and the right mindset – and we'll show you how to do that in this article.

Best Digital Side Hustles

These digital side hustles can help you make extra money without a significant amount of time required.

Let's get to it.

#1. Play Bingo for Cash

There are several games that pay real money that can act as your side hustle.

One of my favorite games is Blacking Bingo…

Historically, Bingo was a game of chance. If you were lucky enough to have the right card, you'd win.

Now with Blackout Bingo – you are in control! Everyone playing sees the same balls and cards. It takes concentration, speed, and strategy to become a bingo master.

This isn't your grandma's bingo, now you can play anywhere for cash and make $500 fast now.

Games only take about 2 minutes to play, pick up and play whenever you like. You can compete for cash prizes or play for free through this link.

With over 5 Million players worldwide, Blackout Bingo is one of the hottest gaming apps available. Do you have what it takes?

Cash game winners can win up to $1,000 or more in mini-tournaments but aren’t available in AZ, AR, CT, DE, LA, MT, SC, SD, and TN.

#2. Blogging

Blogging is the perfect example of a digital side hustle.

It's one of the best ways to make money for people who have some talents and knowledge about something but don't yet feel comfortable starting their own business.

Blogging is just like writing a diary that you might have kept when you were younger – except now other people can read it and you can make money from it.

You create a website, write about something that interests you and then market the site for other people to read (don't worry – we show you how in this free blogging guide).

Just get a cheap web hosting platform and slap WordPress on it — takes a few minutes.

Once your blog starts bringing in traffic from SEO, you can monetize it through paid ads or affiliate marketing.

While blogging isn't easy, it's definitely a low-risk digital side hustle to bring in $1,000 each month easily once you start generating traffic each month.

#3. Complete Online Surveys

Online surveys are a great side hustle that doesn't require much work. However, this side hustle doesn't pay much, only expect to make up to $5 max per survey. Sometimes you get lucky and can make even more but it's not common.

To get started, sign up with one of the best survey sites and companies like Swagbucks or InboxDollars.

More than 6 million people are using each platform to earn money for completing surveys online.

It's definitely not the most profitable side hustle but it's worth mentioning because you can literally do these things in your spare time while watching television or hanging out with friends.

So if you ever get bored, these are quick and easy ways to earn $20 – $100 per month just by doing simple things like taking surveys online for extra cash.

#4. Get Paid to Lose Weight

HealthyWage offers people the opportunity to earn cash for losing weight. Earn cash for losing weight? Sounds too good to be true, but you read it right.

The company was founded in 2009, and its HQ is in New York, and part of its mission is to provide ways to have a measurable impact on the growing obesity epidemic in the US.

HealthyWage app offers people the opportunity to earn cash for losing weight, but you may be wondering how it works?

You essentially bet on yourself and how much weight you can lose. Since they are promoting ways to be healthy, your winnings depend on how much weight you lose and how much you bet. It’s a great way to make money and be healthy at the same time.

In fact, HealthyWage is ranked highly among its users and is the best app that pays you to exercise. For extra cash, HealthyWage is still a good way to earn well over $10 rather quickly.

You can get started here to see how much you make.

#5. Complete Paid Focus Groups

You can also make extra cash by joining paid focus groups on sites like Survey Junkie.

The great thing about this side hustle is that there's always a focus group you can join to make money so it makes for a consistent source of income.

Focus groups allow you to give your input on new products and services which you might actually use yourself.

Because they often pay more than taking surveys, they're also more competitive as well.

However, if you can get in with the right group it's definitely worth checking out because you could make $100 fast or more for just one hour of your time.

This is one of the best ways to make consistent money fast on the side!

#6. Podcasting to Make Money

Podcasting is another digital side hustle to earn some extra cash.

This is one of the easiest digital side hustles to start because you only need a microphone, computer software and some time to record your podcast.

Not sure how to get started podcasting? We have an entire guide to help you create your own show here.

Once it's created, there are several ways to monetize your podcast:

  • You can sell your own products or services to current listeners.
  • Sell advertisements for sponsorships, as most podcasts do.
  • Promote affiliate offers (it's not easy but it can pay off).

There are plenty of ways to make money with podcasts that you probably haven't thought about before… and there are even entire businesses built around podcasting.

Now you understand why starting a podcast is one of the best digital side hustles.

#7. Get Free Stocks

Are you ready to say goodbye to fees for when you buy and sell stocks and hello to commission-free trades?

That’s right, Robinhood lets you do everything for free and takes no fees — ever.

Investing or day trading can help you earn money (a lot of it).

Better yet, if you join through this link you can get a free stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint when you join.

You don’t even have to deposit any money to receive the stock… just sign up and wait a few days for it to show up in your account.

You can also cash out immediately and transfer the funds to your bank account — if you wanted to.

Legit free cash!

#8. Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.

It's also one of the best digital side hustles because all you need is a camera and some creativity.

Not only does it not cost much to start, but there are ways to make money with YouTube that most people don't realize until they've spent several years building their following.

Here are a few ways to make money on YouTube:

  • Promote affiliate offers with YouTube ads (just like podcasting).
  • Set up Google AdSense or a similar ad service on your videos, and keep the ad revenue for yourself.
  • Sell merchandise related to your YouTube channel.
  • Sign up to be a YouTube Partner, and you can split the ad revenue generated by your videos.
  • You can create courses on Udemy or use Teachable to teach others what you know and make money in the process.

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#9. Get Paid to Play Games

Want to earn $20 fast simply by playing games on your phone?

Hear me out.

We all heard the old saying “time is money” right? Instead of playing games on your phone like everyone else and feeling bad for wasting your time — now you can get paid for it.

Getting paid for playing games sounds like a dream. But if you download a free new app that has over has over 35,404 positive reviews in the Google Play Store — you'll make $20 fast easily.

As you level up you can earn more money for cash rewards or gift cards.

You'll likely earn $20 today simply by using this gaming app. If you’re interested, I recommend you download the app from the Google Play store for free by clicking here.

#10. Become a Social Media Influencer

If you don't want to start your own business, but want to make money online then social media might be for you.

Here's the truth: most people fail at making money with social media marketing because they do it for all the wrong reasons.

But there are ways to make money on Instagram or Facebook, and there are several reputable businesses that put together effective social media courses to teach people how to do it.

  • You can get paid by companies to market their products or services on your social media channels.
  • You can make money selling ads if you have a lot of followers in one specific niche (ex: cat lovers).
  • You can monetize your channel through YouTube's partnership program.
  • If you have an eCommerce store, you can also promote items on social media for a split of the sale revenue.

If you'd like to learn more about how to start a business as a social media influencer, I recommend checking out this guide.

#11. Share Your Data

Nielsen Mobile has been around for several years and is trusted as a research leader. They will literally pay you for anonymously collecting information from your web-surfing devices.

You can profit by downloading and installing the app on your devices (mobile phone, laptop, tablet) and earn $50 per device.

To qualify you must live in the U.S. be between 18 and 45 years of age. All you do is download the app and earn $50 a year per device.

If you need to make $10 or more fast, here's an opportunity for you that literally requires zero effort.

Sign up to join the Nielsen Panel here. It’ll pay you $50 a year to keep the app on your device.

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#12. Build Websites for Local Businesses

If you have experience with creating websites then one of the best digital side hustles is building websites for local businesses.

There are plenty of small business owners looking to save money on their website who would rather outsource it than hire a web design company.

You can find clients through Craigslist, Elance, Upwork or Freelancer and make money helping local business owners.

Another way to make money is by selling your own marketing and design services to local businesses (if you aren't a web designer, but have other skills).

You don't even need experience as long as you're willing to learn the trade and invest in getting certified for Google AdWords or Bing Ads.

#13. Work as a Freelance Writer

Most people who start freelance writing do it for the content, but that's not how you should approach your side hustle.

Writing in itself is easy to learn (there are plenty of free tutorials online). Once you understand what needs to be done, the challenge becomes doing it.

That's why I recommend charging hourly wages when taking on new clients.

When you first start out, it's not easy to make more than $10 per hour. But as you build your portfolio, client list and become more efficient with workflow, you'll be able to charge higher rates.

  • Take on client contracts for writing blog posts or website copy.
  • Consider creating your own information product and selling it on a site like Teachable.
  • Try selling your “done for you” services to small businesses and other freelancers (people who don't want to do the work).

If you've got a knack for writing and a Google Docs account, you can start making money on the side by finding freelance opportunities.

#14. Offer Digital Advertising Services

Digital marketing is just as important as traditional marketing and it's something every business owner needs to consider.

To be successful with digital marketing you need to keep up with the latest trends and understand how search engines work (since that's where your ads will show).

Companies aren't looking for entry-level employees who can do this. They're willing to pay experts for this kind of knowledge.

The way to make money in digital marketing is by selling your services and creating a brand that attracts the right type of clients.

  • Start with freelancing on Elance or Upwork using a relevant portfolio.
  • Create informational products to sell on sites like Clickbank.
  • Use social media account to build a following and offer paid services on your schedule.
  • Offer SEO services to local businesses (if you're experienced with blogging).

If you can show that you understand the latest trends in digital marketing, then it's easy to make money as a digital advertising consultant.

#15. Sell Things Online

Another online side hustle to earn extra money is to start selling things online. You can literally sell anything from electronics to old used college textbooks lying around.

Selling things online is a great way to pad your bank account because it requires no specialized skills and you can work your own hours.

Making money online is super easy and can be done on your own schedule. It's as easy as going to your closet or basement and collecting that junk and listing it on Facebook Marketplace, eBay or local selling apps and getting serious money.

#16. Start an Ecommerce Store

If you have experience designing websites, then it's also possible to start your own ecommerce store for free.

The most important thing with starting an ecommerce business is that you are offering something unique and are able to provide top of the line customer service.

You can easily find wholesale suppliers on AliExpress where you can purchase bulk items to resell or you can get started designing and selling your own products.

Once you have a good product, getting the word out about your store is easier said than done.

The best way to increase sales is by having a solid traffic strategy for converting visitors into leads and making sure that you're able to handle any customer service issues that come up.

#17. Start a Virtual Assistant Business

While there are plenty of people who need help with administrative tasks, not everyone can afford a full-time VA.

The best way to make money as a virtual assistant is by starting a VA company that offers the services you specialize in. You can then charge less than what a traditional business would pay for your services since you're also getting the benefits of a full team.

Start as an independent virtual assistant and offer your services on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer.

While you're working as a freelancer, you can also start building your VA company by creating a website and learning how to market yourself online.

When potential clients see that you're offering a variety of services and have the skills they need, it will be easier for them to spend money on your services.

This is also a great side hustle because you can both work offline and online depending on what clients need.

#18. Sell Your Art Online

If you enjoy making things and have a unique art style, then it's possible to sell your original designs online.

The key is to get featured on design blogs and social media feeds so that people can share your work and help you grow your following.

Once you have a good number of followers, other designers will want to buy the rights to your work to sell on apparel and other products.

You can also partner with influencers in your niche to create an original, branded product together.

To make money this way, you'll need a good following on social media accounts where people are engaged with what you have to offer.

#19. Start Teespring Store

One of the easiest ways to make money online is by starting a T-shirt store on Teespring.

Teespring makes it easy for anyone to create their own t-shirts and sell them on the platform without worrying about printing, inventory, or shipping logistics.

Once you have created your designs, all you have to do is upload them onto the Teespring platform, pick your price and cover expenses like the cost of shirts and shipping.

You can also use Teespring's built-in analytics to see where your shirt is selling best. If you notice that one location consistently sells more than others, then you can start designing new t-shirts with a local audience in mind.

The nice thing about starting a T-shirt business is that it's fairly cheap to get started and you can test out different styles and designs without having to worry about inventory.

#20. Create Online Courses

One of the best side hustle ideas is creating your own online course.

The great thing about it is that you don't need to sell your own products or market and sell them.

You can start a course around any topic and make money by selling it to students on places like Udemy or Skillshare (for more private tutorials, you can create your own online course and charge for access).

  • Sell courses as a marketplace tutor on Skillshare.
  • Offer to teach a course as an expert on Udemy.
  • Use WordPress and create your own blog where you can charge for access to private lessons or offer coupons for discounts for your products/services.

There are plenty of options out there you can even outsource the course creation on Upwork or Fiverr. Then once it's ready, sell it online and start making passive income every time someone buys the course.

#21. Sell Digital Products to Earn Money Online

Don't want to create a course? You can also sell digital products like ebooks to make money online.

You can create an ebook around any topic (make sure it's relevant and profitable) and publish it on online platforms like Amazon Kindle or E-junkie.

After publishing the book, you'll start earning between 40%–70% royalties on anything your book sells.

  • Write a new e-book every month.
  • Create a physical book and sell it on Amazon (this can be time consuming but has great potential).

If you're willing to learn new skills or find ways of producing your own products, selling digital products is the best way to earn passive income online.

#22. Tutor Online

Online tutoring is another one of the best side hustles to consider. The only thing you need for this side hustle is an internet connection and possibly a bachelor's degree.

However, there are plenty of successful tutors earning over $70 per hour teaching math, science and many other subjects online.

You can find tutoring jobs on websites like Tutor.com, Chegg Tutors and InstaEDU.

#23. Publish a Book to Build Wealth

I'm not talking about an eBook, but I'm talking about an actual book that you publish and earn passive income for years to come.

This one is last, because it's likely the hardest one to do.

But remember, if it's your goal to build wealth over the next few years by starting a side hustle, books are one of the best ways to do so because of their passive income.

Even though you'll likely only make $1 per sale (not book), that's more than most side hustles will pay you in the long run.

  • Research other books on the topic you're writing about.
  • Decide what kind of writer you want to be (self help, fiction, sci-fi, etc.) and write the book accordingly.
  • Find a publisher or use a self publisher like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

Book publishing is one of the harder side hustles, but if you're willing to take the time to produce a great book, you can earn residual income from it for years.

The key here is coming up with a profitable topic and writing an amazing book so people want to buy it. The publishing process will be different depending on what route you decide to go but the important thing is that the book is high quality.

If you're interested in publishing a book, check out “How to Write Your First Book” by James Altucher.

Making Money Fast FAQs

How can I make money fast in a day?

Here are eight legit and safe ways to make $100 a day online fast:

  1. Sell something on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace
  2. Online focus groups
  3. Tutor kids online
  4. Sites that pay you to sign up
  5. See if stores owe you money
  6. Get paid to proofread
  7. Freelancing writing
  8. Drive for Uber or Lyft
  9. Get a part time job
  10. Offer music lessons

How can I make money right now?

If you wanted to make money right now, here are a few ways:

  1. Sell products online.
  2. Sell used books on Amazon
  3. Start a Shopify eCommerce store
  4. Build a free-plus-shipping eCommerce sales funnel
  5. Do gigs on Fiverr
  6. Sell services on Upwork or 99Designs
  7. Build a high-ticket coaching or consulting funnel
  8. Run Facebook ads
  9. Earn money teaching foreign languages

How can I make $500 a month?

Here are some of the best ways anyone can make $500 a month online and from home:

  1. Email marketing and add your affiliate link
  2. Completing online surveys
  3. Join reward websites
  4. Do some transcription work
  5. Create YouTube tutorials
  6. Create and sell digital downloads
  7. Become an online tutor
  8. Do some data entry work online
  9. Pick up some freelance writing work
  10. Teach English online

Ready to Earn with Digital Side Hustles?

As you can see there are many online opportunities to make money online and make money with side hustles.

You should know that you are not going to get rich from most of these sites, but you can earn money quickly. As they serve as an opportunity to have some fun online and get some extra cash for your efforts.

Whatever digital side hustle you choose, there seem to be plenty of ways to rake in extra cash online and enjoy the process.

If you are stuck wondering which digital side hustle to pick, then you should have benefited from reading this article. You now know how to earn extra money online with digital side hustles.

Making Money Online is Possible

If you went through this list then you should have come out ahead. Enjoy your $100 (or more) and feel free to take the weekend off or you can watch this video on how to make money online:


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Final Thoughts on Digital Side Hustles

If personal finance has taught me anything it's that if you want to make it big (AKA rich) you'll need to grind it out in your free time.

It's all about earning more money and building online side hustles in order to build your net worth, pay off debt, and meet your financial goals.

Your financial life doesn't depend solely on a full time job. Your full time job is probably only from nine to five, you have the rest of the evening to make good money with digital side hustles.

Brian Meiggs
Brian Meiggs
Brian Meiggs is a personal finance expert, and the founder of Hustler Gigs, a personal blog helping you make extra money in the gig economy. He helps readers increase their earning potential and start building wealth for the future. He regularly writes about side hustles, gig work, and the gig economy aimed to help anyone earn more, pay off debt, and reach financial freedom. He has been quoted as a top personal finance blogger in major publications including Insider, Yahoo! Finance, NASDAQ, Discover, MSN Money and more.
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