Nielsen Mobile Panel Review: My Honest Review

A friend of mine recommended Nielsen Mobile Panel, and though I normally review gaming apps, I thought it was worth a try. Here's my review.

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I’m always on my phone – at work, in the subway, in the bathroom. If I could win real money for everything I ever harvested on Farmville, I’d be rich by now.

But there is one app that actually pays me with real money for the time I spent on my phone: the Nielsen Mobile Panel. A friend of mine recommended it to me, and though I normally review money-making apps, I thought it was worth a try. I had nothing to lose, and dollars to gain.

So here’s my honest Nielson Mobile Panel Review.

What is the Nielson Mobile Panel?

Nielsen Mobile Panel
Earning potential: $50 | Min to cash out: $0 | Payment method: PayPal or Gift Cards

Nielsen will pay you $50 a year to keep their app on your favorite internet-browsing device.

SIGN UP TODAY,,, nielsen

Nielson’s a research group that studies how people use media. They’re the same people behind the Nielson ratings, which used to measure what TV shows people would watch. Except now, they’re trying to figure out how people use the Internet – the sites we use, what kind of ads we’ll click.

So they developed this app, the Nielson Mobile Panel, that will quietly track what you surf with your phone. Now, before you start freaking out, let’s be realistic: a lot of websites and apps do that already, which is why you get the “customized content” or product recommendations. The only difference is that 1) the Nielson Mobile Panel asks for your permission to participate in the survey, and 2) you get paid $50 to be part of the panel.

You might say $50 isn’t a lot, but it’s basically free cash for doing nothing except download an app that takes less than 2 minutes… yeah, that's right can you can get it here if you're interested.

And you’re contributing to important research questions on how people live, learn and buy in the digital age. Nielson’s been doing this for decades, and I must admit, that’s a big factor in why I agreed to sign up. I can trust this company – it’s not a fly-by-night operation that’s just out to get my data.

What Information Does Nielsen Collect?

From the moment you sign up, Nielson tells you what data they’ll get and how they keep that information private.

Yes, full legal disclosure – I like that level of transparency. So some info includes GPS and IP address, the URLs you visit and the names of the files you download (but they won’t actually read the content), info on your phone hardware and software and your device settings, etc.

You have to fill in a general survey but it doesn’t involve any private or sensitive information (you probably tell more about yourself to a total stranger on a first date).

Is Your Information Secure?


Nielson guarantees that the data is encrypted and it is never sold to third parties or used for anything except the purpose of the survey.

You’re also listed as an anonymous user – you’re just a number in their analyzed demographics.

That’s a lot more protection you get from some Android applications or even those stupid Facebook quizzes.

How Do You Get Paid?

You receive opportunities to win cash and prizes just for signing up. In addition, each month Nielsen gives away $10,000 in sweepstakes; everyone active in the computer panel has a chance to win. There are opportunities for additional prizes depending on the devices you register and which panels you qualify for. For more specific rewards information, please see the table below

Nielsen Computer Rewards

Earn entries into our sweepstakes. Each month we give away $10,000. The top prize earners each take home $500. There are more than 500 winners each month.

Nielson Mobile Panel Rewards

Register your mobile devices and earn points. Your points can be redeemed for prizes and gift cards. You can earn up to $50 in points by staying in the panel a year.

Is It Easy to Earn Passive Income?

Here are some of the highlights of the app:

  • The Nielsen app on your mobile device unlocks up to $50 in rewards points per year, redeemable via Paypal or gift cards from retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and others!
  • The Nielsen software on your computer automatically enters you into the $10,000 monthly sweepstakes!
  • All panelists earn game tokens for chances to instantly win rewards in digital scratch off games!

Some Nielsen Mobile Panel Review will complain that the app crashed or slowed down the phone, but honestly, I had absolutely no problems with it. In my experience with apps, sometimes you’re the unlucky user and you just happen to have a bad download.

The negative reviews tend to get all the attention, but the majority of people who get the app are absolutely fine with it – they just don’t bother to make a Nielson Mobile Panel Review.

But I can vouch that the whole download process was painless and did not affect my phone speed or battery use. It just sits in the background, and frankly, I sometimes forget it’s there.

And for doing nothing at all, I get passive income. I wish the rest of adulting were this easy. For example, getting paid to watch ads requires you to do tasks, but with this opportunity, it's super passive.

If you wanted to get easy cash for basically downloading an app, you can download the Nielsen app here.

Nielsen Panel Review: Final Thoughts

Nielsen is all about understanding computer and mobile trends – including the devices you use, the types of applications you use, the content you view and listen to, as well as the websites you visit on your computer, phone, tablet or other registered mobile device.

Your everyday activities as a panelist will help Nielsen understand how people use their computers and mobile devices. It doesn't matter if you use your computer or mobile device a lot or a little or how you use it, the information on your usage is important to Nielsen and a valuable contribution to research!

Plus, you will be rewarded for your participation! By joining you can play games for rewards, receive sweepstakes entries, and/or earn points depending on your level of participation

nielsen mobile

If you have some free time then have you considered using apps that pay you real money through PayPal?

Or if you wanted to learn about another app that pays, you should check out my review on Swag IQ here.

Nielsen Mobile Panel
Earning potential: $50 | Min to cash out: $0 | Payment method: PayPal or Gift Cards

Nielsen will pay you $50 a year to keep their app on your favorite internet-browsing device.

SIGN UP TODAY,,, nielsen
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